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    Lunch is an ugly looking but tasty salad.

    Chicken, lettuce, 1/2 tbsp light mayo, cherry tomatoes, avocado and black olives. Surprisingly filling as well. Should have saved my avocado for taco Tuesday though, don’t think I can warrant eating a whole avocado in one day!

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    Breakfast this morning is porridge with apple and a brew! Sorry I haven’t been up to date with my posts. Life has been so hectic lately!  #healthyeating #healthyliving #healthychoices #healthyhappyme #food…

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    Salads Over Tacos

    Lunch is a subway salad while the little one sleeps. There are a lot of new food places in the shopping centre by me including Burger King and a taco shop!…

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    Disappointment on Toast

    So I woke up craving toast and cereal. All the carbs! I think it’s because yesterday was very low carb.  I gave in to my craving and had cornflakes and toast…

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    Boodles of Noodles

    Dinner is Spanish chicken and chorizo with boodles and all the veg! Eat the rainbow, folks! I think the hubs thought I was trying to poison him with the boodles. His…

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    Eat The Rainbow

    Lunch is porridge with pineapple, cantaloupe, strawbs, grapes, raisins and 3 dark chocolate nibs. Lovely, filling and so satisfying. I was a little annoyed at my pack of sultanas and chocolate.…

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    Back to Basics

    Breakfast this morning is mango chunks. After last night my body is craving fruit and basic foods. Keeping it simple today! I paid for it in the middle of the night.…

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    Judgemental Pudding

    Breakfast this morning is chai pudding flavoured with choc shot and coconut. The amount of abuse I got from eating this in the office! General consensus was it was frog spawn.…

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    Freezer To The Rescue

    Dinner tonight is skinny beef pie. Didn’t get in the house til late and thankfully I had this in the freezer! Huzzah!  So lovely to know that no matter what rubbish…

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    Mini Haul

    Mini haul for from today.. totally safe a week before payday right? This is why I shouldn’t be allowed to walk around on my own New sandals for me and an…

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    More Sleep Please

    Had such a rubbish nights sleep! Busy day today as well. Days like today I wish I drove. There is a parent child afternoon at my daughters nursery. I said we…