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February 2016

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Light Veggie Lunch

light veggie lunch rice cakes avocado cottage cheese tomato

Light lunch today of gluten free rice cakes, onion and chive cottage cheese, avocado and tomato

I’m a creature of habit, a bit boring I suppose. Had savoury rice cakes yesterday and enjoyed them, so more of the same today! Not so much because I enjoyed it that much but it was quick to grab together this morning.

I need to up my lunch game though. I always have the same foods for lunch at work. I’ll need to have a think of something different to bring.

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Love Tiffany

Food Diary Instagram

Peanut Butter Love Affair

peanut butter porridge with banana

Back to my true love – porridge, banana and peanut butter!

I should start calling this Tiffy Crack. Seriously, I could eat this combination for every meal. Then again, I could eat peanut butter in general for every meal.

What is your one go-to food that you can always eat and makes you happy? Let me know in the comments!

#healthyeating #healthyliving #healthychoices #healthyhappyme #food #fooddiary #weightlossjourney #weightlossmanagement #down67lbs #down4st11lbs #determinedtosucceed #breakfast

 Love Tiffany


Beef Sunday Roast

beef roast silverside joint sunday lunch

I’ve always been funny with beef. It has to be just right for me to be able to eat it – not over cooked, not too pink, not chewy and not fatty. I don’t ask for much, right? Hamburgers are the only thing beef that I can pretty much eat with no issues. So as you can imagine, a beef roast is a nightmare for me. Often its overcooked and so dry it sticks to your throat when you try to swallow. Lets not forget to mention having a verbal argument with your knife because it wont quite cut through the meat.

My trusty go-to roast dinner is always chicken. I love chicken and could happily eat it every day. However, a few weeks ago I through together my usual chicken Sunday roast to find I hated it. Probably because I ate it every week for a month. I’ve taken a few weeks off from any kind of roast to try and reset my palette. This week  I thought I would try to cook my own beef. When I mentioned this to the mister, he commented right away, “Oh yes that sounds really nice, sliced beef and veg.” Right, well that ruined my typical way of cooking beef. I am attached to my slow cooker like white on rice. I tend to use it for almost everything. I mean why not, it makes cooking so easy! Throw it in and leave it. However, this method of cooking beef leaves it so tender it falls apart. Not quite the slices the other half was hoping for.

So I thought I will try the trusted English method – plop that sucker in a roasting pan and slide it in the oven. Not only that, lets aim to get this under 500 calories. I am pleased to say it worked a treat! Moist and tender beef that was as easy to cut as it was to chew. Accompanied with roasted veggies, a yorkshire and a splash of gravy all for just over 400 calories. Get in.

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Personal Update

Weights and Whiskers

welcome girl smiles

Welcome to my new shiny blog! Thank you for coming and having a look. Why Weights and Whiskers you ask? It’s all in how you interpret it! I enjoy training with free weights at the gym, I am obsessed with cats, I still weigh out some of my foods and I have whiskers thanks to PCOS! I suppose the name I chose is a catch all for me, it covers me in many angles, the good and the bad.

I set this blog up to help inspire people with their weight loss or healthy living journeys. I’m sure some of you reading this are from my extended Instagram family (Hello!!). So far, my weight loss journey has only been on Instagram. I found so much support and encouragement on there from other people with the same goals and ambitions as me. Quite a few people have said I’m even inspirational to them – a concept I still find a bit baffling.

It got me thinking, if I branch out I could help and inspire more people. I’m not grasping for praise or self-gloating here. I love helping people, I really do. It makes me incredibly happy to see people thriving and genuinely enjoying life. If I can help just one person achieve that, then I will be happier than someone finishing their VLCD eating a potato (I would know, that first potato was near orgasmic).

On this site you will find extensions of some of my Instagram posts, low calorie recipes, vlogs (I’m looking at you @graciemariesjourney and @shecanrawr !) and general blurbs of my life relating to my maintenance and fitness. Please feel free to get in touch via the contact form, leave me comments or find me on Instagram! I love hearing from you all, I’ve made this for you! I hope you enjoy it, I know I am.

Love Tiffany

Food Diary Instagram

Savoury Rice Cakes

savoury cottage cheese rice cakes

Quick little snack of gluten free rice cakes, low fat cottage cheese and tomato. Added a sprinkle of black pepper and smoked paprika to the top. Absolutely yummy!

I’ve always been a notorious sweet rice cake eater. They were always chocolate, yogurt or caramel flavoured. This was the first time attempting savoury rice cakes and I am so glad I did. The protein from the cottage cheese will keep me filled up until it’s time for Sunday lunch!

Beef roast is in the oven, can’t remember the last time I had a beef Sunday lunch! I am really funny with beef. If it is overcooked, too chewy or too fatty I am put off completely. I will post the recipe for it later if it turns out okay. Not only am I hoping it is juicy and tender, but it is also under 400 calories for a roast dinner! Winner winner.. um.. cattle dinner?

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Love Tiffany

Food Diary Instagram

Sunday Soldiers

Sunday egg soldiers breakfast

Breakfast at 9am was a boiled egg, toast soldiers and mango chunks.

Was sick after I ate this. Felt absolutely fine but then as soon as I ate I was instantly nauseous. Weird! Hoping that feeling goes away because I need to gym it up today. – Update, totally not making it to the gym. Fail.

I had a cup of tea earlier in the morning and was fine with that. A pint of water seemed to settle everything. Probably just a mix of eating too fast and waiting too long to eat. I normally eat not long after I wake up, but this morning I was up with Naomi at 6:30. I think a 3 hour gap is far too long, lesson learned!

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Love Tiffany

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Competition Time – Win This Giveaway Bundle!

My First Ever Giveaway

It’s time for my first ever giveaway! To say thank you to all of my lovely followers who’ve taken me over 1k, I’ve put together this little package of cute bits and a few things I love! This is also coinciding with the launch of my new blog!

To enter, head over to Instagram and find my account (_missusjohnson):

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Love Tiffany