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March 2016

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Fail Tea

When you’ve had a stressful day at work, ruin your tea because you’re stressed and not focuses and end up crying in the kitchen.. this is tea. Mango chunks, protein bar and a chocolate.

Could have been a lot worse. Normally a takeaway would have been ordered and would have eaten my weight in biscuits and chocolate. Little victories I suppose.

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Leftovers Galore

Man I love the lighting at work! Leftover chicken and dumplings for lunch with a pink lady apple and peach squash. I had 2 blueberry muffins and Greek yogurt for breakfast but was in and out of meetings so I didn’t get a chance for a photo.

Such a busy day today I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by so far. I’ve got some chocolate covered edamame beans for a snack later as it will be a late one in the office for me. The curse of taking time off work.

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HIIT By A Smooth Banana

Finished my HIIT workout for the day, so tucking in to some homemade banana ice cream and a trial of my flourless brownie. The brownie is still a work in progress, but the ice cream was great as always!

You’re probably wondering why I’ve done so many sweet recipes lately. I promise I will do more meals! However, as a woman, certain times of the month I really crave sweet treats. It takes all my willpower to not shove my face into a whole Victoria sponge. These cravings are even worse due to my PCOS and cycle finally being under control due to my weight loss. I’ll leave that conversation there, perhaps for a vlog at a later date.

Since I moved to the UK I’ve been a sucker for chocolate. I don’t like Hershey’s or American chocolate, so it was never a problem in the past. I blame you Cadburys. I was thinking I haven’t had brownies in so long, but they are so naughty. I thought I’d give a low carb low sugar flourless brownie a go. It’s almost there! Just a few more tweaks.

Recipes for my flourless brownie and banana ice cream will be up on the blog within the next week, so watch this space.

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Chicken On A Diet

Dinner tonight is Diet Coke Chicken, it’s pretty good! I got this recipe from Slimming World after seeing a few people on Instagram make it. I was intrigued by the thought of using pop and cooking. Yeah yeah, shame on me I had pop for lunch and pop IN my dinner.

I did cook it for longer than the website states because it was like soup!  This was very tasty and I was surprised  by it. I’ve heard that a lot of the Slimming World recipes are bland and watery. I get the watery bit after making this, but definitely wasn’t bland.

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Healthier Blueberry Muffins

Healthier Blueberry Muffins -

Raise your hand if you love muffins! Keep your hand up if you hate how bad they can be for you! Seriously, these things can be lethal for your diet if you aren’t careful. For instance, Starbucks Blueberry Muffin comes in at 350 calories, which isn’t too bad, but also packs in 29g of sugar! Ouch. It’s easy to just look at caloric content of food and forget to take notice of sugars. Granted, in some foods sugars are naturally occurring and aren’t as bad. Still though, we have to be careful to keep the sugar intake in check whether it is natural or not. Now don’t feel like I am picking on poor Starbucks here, you know I love them. I only used them as an example as I really had to channel my self control over a blueberry muffin the last time I was in store grabbing a latte.

Since then I have been craving blueberry muffins. I tweaked my trusted basic muffin recipe to cut back on the calories and sugar. Okay, there is a catch in that these aren’t the massive muffins you get from most high street bakers. However, they are moist and delicious. The fresh blueberries add a lovely tang and sweetness, not to mention gorgeous colour! These can be eaten as a dessert or a breakfast with a dollop of Greek yogurt. I mean, I consider muffins as more of a cake but it has fruit so treat yourself! These bad boys clock in at only 127 calories and 3.3g of sugar. Go on, get your mixing bowl out and get baking!

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Open Up!

Open Sandwich Lunch -

Lunch today is mini open sandwiches (whole grain crackers, sriracha, baby bell, avocado, turkey and lettuce), sweet chili baked crisps, pink lady apple and a homemade blueberry muffin. Treating myself to a cherry pepsi max too because I haven’t had one in aaaaages! I always feel so naughty having the pop. I know that even the ‘healthy’ ones aren’t healthy. Sometimes though, we need to allow ourselves a treat that isn’t a sabotage to our diets. Some of you may be frowning at that idea, but we all have our own coping mechanisms don’t we? Some people reward themselves with make up or clothes, a weekend away or a night out. I reward myself with a pop.

Now there isn’t a breakfast post as I haven’t really had a breakfast! It’s my last day off work today so I wanted to spend it being as lazy and relaxing as possible. I was up at 6:40 this morning to get the little one ready for nursery and to see her and my husband off. I grabbed a banana and a cappuccino before going back to bed. Being a working mum, I don’t often get time by myself let alone a whole house to myself. I took advantage and slept til 11 and lay in bed a further hour before dragging myself out for a shower. I plan on spending the rest of my day experimental baking and prepping food prepping for work tomorrow. Between my annual leave and being ill with my chest infection, I feel like I haven’t been to work in weeks! I suppose I haven’t really, I’ve only worked 2 1/2 days in the last 3 weeks! It will feel weird being back in the office and I have enjoyed all the time with my family, but I am looking forward to getting back into routine. I find it so much harder to eat healthy and drink water at home.

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Love Tiffany

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Slow Cooker Chicken & Dumplings

Chicken and Dumplings - Low Cal Chicken and Dumplings -

I remember as a kid growing up in California my grandparents would take my brother and I out to dinner on many occasions. One that sticks out in my mind is Mrs Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant at Knotts Berry Farm. Every time we went I always ordered chicken and dumplings. Thick chunks of chicken and vegetables with big spongy Chicken and Veg Ingredients - Low Cal Chicken and Dumplings -, oh my days. As you can imagine, this isn’t a waist friendly dish. I wrote it off for so long because I figured there was no way for it to be healthy. Oh how was I wrong! In my defence, I never really looked at the ins and outs of the basic recipe before. I know that most have huge carby dumplings and heavy cream which instantly is a no-no. I really had a craving for it a few months ago so I decided to sit down and do my homework. I read over quite a few traditional recipes and created my own.

Not only is this under 500 calories, but it’s also cooked in the slow cooker so you can throw it in and leave it. Easy and comforting? Yes please! I don’t feel like this skips anything, you still get delicious dumplings and plenty of veg and chicken. The recipe itself takes 6 hours to cook and probably about a half hour of prep split between the stages of cooking. I have in the past, however, prepped everything the night before in the slow cooker and left it cooking while I was at work. I would suggest if you do cook it longer, add some more water to ensure it doesn’t dry out while you’re gone.

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Picky Plate For One

Picky plate for lunch of a pink lady Apple, celery, peanut butter and a homemade blueberry muffin!

Sometimes meals are overrated and you need to give in to what your body wants. Thankfully, what my body wanted was healthy. Even the blueberry muffin is healthy and low in calories. This really hit the spot and had the right amount of sweet from the blueberries and apple.

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Nice and Toasty

Good morning darlings! Breakfast this morning is poached egg and avocado on toast. I haven’t had egg in awhile after I got sick from a boiled egg. It was nice to have again and was very filling along with the avocado. I’m  hoping to go for a nice walk with Naomi later if the weather stays nice! Fingers crossed as it has forecasted rain.

I can’t wait for the warmer weather again! Last summer I used to take Naomi up to the park every Friday for a picnic and a play. I miss those days but it’s been too cold to do it. We both get a bit stir crazy sitting at home. I have to be careful though because I don’t have the willpower to walk around town and not buy things!

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Instagram Update

HIIT It Real Good

Just finished my first HIIT work out, queue beefcake flexing photo! Proper aching in my shoulders and abs! I am using the routine outlined in Lean In 15, though I only did 3 circuits of each as I’m still recovering from my chest infection.

I missed working out, as much as I didn’t want to get off the sofa and do it. My stomach feels a bit off tonight from all the food from Easter and today, so I haven’t had dinner. I’m going to have some mango chunks to fuel up before bed. I know I said I was back on it today, and I have been aside from my lunch out. I got carried away with company and good conversation I forgot to be mindful of my eating. It’s still a step in the right direction anyway!

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Easter Hangover

Morning lovelies! I woke to snow this morning, what the shiz?! Wasn’t expecting that! I’m sure most of you reading this have had a hangover at one point or another. Have you ever had a food hangover? It is exhausting! All the junk I’ve eaten of the last few days has left me feeling sluggish, tired and bloated. Alcohol hangovers are cured with rest and fry ups. This food hangover is cured with plenty of water and good healthy food.

So, my hangover cure breakfast this morning is protein pancakes with sliced banana. For the pancakes I used a sachet of Bulk Powders Apple and Custard protein shake powder, one egg, a splash of water and mixed it up into a batter. I also added a pinch of raw cacao nibs for a chocolatey crunch. The pancakes were layered with small dollops of Greek yogurt. Very yummy

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