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April 2016

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Size Doesn’t Matter
Size 10 New Look -

Size 10 dress from New Look

The term “size doesn’t matter” is thrown around a lot in weight loss and regarding body confidence. In some aspects, size does matter. It does matter if you are very large to the point it is having a negative affect on your health. Likewise, it does matter if you are very thin to the point it is having a negative affect on your health. All in all, it doesn’t matter the size you are as long as you’re healthy and happy. You could line up 5 individuals that weight the exact same weight and each person will look different and be a different size.

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Yo For One

Lunch date for 1! Bit of a shopping treat while the toddler has a nap in the push chair. Happy mommy!

I would never eat on my own before I lost my weight. I was far too self conscious and hid behind the company of others. I can happily eat on my own and rather enjoy it! It’s the little things, even if a date for one does cost £22.

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Love Tiffany

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Back to Basics

My fav! Porridge with natural peanut butter and banana for breakfast with a lovely cuppa.

I tried to stay away from this dish for awhile so I didn’t run the risk of getting bored with it. It was like being reunited with an old friend, haha! So filling, healthy and delicious.

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Love Tiffany

Featured Reviews

Early Bird Snack Box

Early Bird Snack Box -

Instagram Ads, usually full of high end and high priced products. Thankfully, good ole Insta delivered a gem last Snack Box - Early Bird Healthy Snacks - I saw a post for Early Bird which was showcasing a display of healthy snacks. I was instantly intrigued, so I had a click. My phone was flooded with pictures of yummy snacks and tea blends. Trying to lead a healthy life style has its struggles. I’m fine with eating healthy meals, but I do struggle with snacks. This looked like the perfect solution! It reminds me a lot of Graze, however when I tried them a few years back I wasn’t impressed with the taste or selection. I was a little dubious and I didn’t want to throw money away on products I wouldn’t be too keen on, so I had a look at what they offered.

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Its such a gloomy day in Birmingham! Lunch is half a turkey sandwich, fruit fingers and baked multigrain crisps!

This is a lunch I can’t eat very often. Crisps and sandwiches can be triggering for me. I class them as such naughty food and try to steer clear when I can. I’ve been craving a sandwich for days now so I figured half a sandwich can’t go wrong.

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Love Tiffany

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Bright Eyes

Breakfast this morning is the last of my muesli sad times. Also have a lovely cup of surprise tea from my Early Bird snack box!I will be reviewing my Early Bird box on my blog this evening, watch this space.

I would also like to apologise for my lack of posts lately. I needed to take a short break and get my head back in order. There have been a few personal things going on causing me a bit of stress and worry. Unfortunately, if I don’t focus on myself every now and then and make sure I am happy then I can’t help every one of you! Hope you can forgive me.

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Love Tiffany

Featured Recipes

Indulgent Fruit Pizza

Indulgent Fruit Pizza -

You can have pizza that isn’t dinner? Oh yes you can! The first time I tried fruit pizza was when I was a kid and it was a very sweet, high calorie and decadent dessert. The base was made from pre-made sugar cookie dough, topped with full fat cream cheese, covered in fruits and sprinkled with sugar. Absolutely delicious but oh my days not good for the waist line. I decided to adapt this treat and make it my own after trying to think up a dish for a pot luck dinner party we were hosting. I was making a main but it was more so to use up ingredients in the fridge. I wanted something that I know my friends hadn’t had before and would blow their socks off. It did. At one point I thought two of my friends were going to batter each other over who was having it to themselves!

My indulgent fruit pizza has a chocolate oat base and a Greek yogurt and sweet cheese frosting. Each slice is under 350 calories and feels so much naughtier than it is. You can even make your inner child happy by eating this for breakfast. This recipe is easily adaptable to suit your preferences as well. You can use any of your favourite fresh or tinned fruits, however if using tinned fruit ensure that they are drained and dried. I love deep dish pizza, so I made my base deep dish. If you prefer thin and crispy, simply cut down the base ingredients or make a bigger sized base – hey bigger slices! I kept the frosting slightly runny so it could double as a sauce for those who wanted extra, however cut back on the yogurt if you want it nice and thick.

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Spoilt Girl

The hubs made a lovely beef roast, it tasted amazing. Tummy grumbled at it though,  It felt weird not cooking today. He does spoil me when I’m not well, even came back with some flowers to cheer me up. What a keeper!

I always feel so guilty when the roles are reversed in our house. It is needed though and I am very grateful that he can switch over without a fuss or a moan. I even had 2 naps today and one was with Naomi! What more could a girl ask for?

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Love Tiffany

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Modge Podge

I couldn’t decide what I wantedtwo slices of wholemeal toast with butter, peanut butter, jam and marmite.

I thought a cup of tea and toast would help my tummy, but it made it worse. I ended up back in bed trying to sleep off my bad belly from last night. That’ll teach me to over stuff myself!

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Love Tiffany

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Sunshine and Chia

Morning lovelies! Breakfast is my first chia pudding – it is so good I tried it with skim milk, chocolate, peanut butter and topped with bananas. The consistency takes some getting used to but I’m hooked already!

I’m excited to try different variants to this. Such a versatile and healthy food. Ideal for busy work days as well!

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Love Tiffany

Food Diary Recipes

Tarka Dal

Tarka Dal -

Asian dishes are still very new to me and common dishes to you are probably super special for me. I can count the different Asian dishes I have had on one hand. I was having a good scroll through the old interwebs to come up with a different dish to just a curry. Lentils, or dal caught my eye. Before searching further, I asked one of my close colleagues, who happens to be Asian, what lentils were like. My only experience with lentils was from The Young Ones with Neil’s failed attempts at cooking them. I genuinely expected to look at my husband in the process of cooking and say, “but I just looked at them and they blew up!” My colleague told me they were creamy and absorbed whatever flavours you added to them at the end. I went away and did some research and decided on tarka dal.

If you’re looking for an authentic tarka dal, you better jog on. I don’t do authentic and frankly, I’d rather leave that to the more skilled cooks of where this dish originates. Last thing I want to do is offend people calling this authentic and its anything but! Instead, this is my take on the dish which came out pretty dang good! I sent a photo of it to my colleague who gave it his seal of approval, so I can’t be too far off. My recipe for tarka dal is under 400 calories and has a hefty 10g of protein per serving. Low carb conscious people be advised, this is in the higher end of the spectrum. Do not fear, as with anything I cook, it is full of good complex carbs. This will yield you a family sized pot of dal which can either be enjoyed that night or pop it in the freezer and enjoy later on! If you do plan to freeze a portion or two, just remember to stir the tarka into the dal before you freeze it.

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