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Box of Protein Review

Box of Protein - Protein Bars, Powders, Brownies and more -

Anyone who has lost weight or is looking for gains in the gym will know how important protein is for keeping full and aiding in muscle recovery. When I was on Cambridge Weight Plan, it taught the importance of protein and played a major part in my weight loss. I still use protein in my maintenance to help me stay full so I don’t pick at food throughout the day and also around my workouts to help build lean muscle.

Since CWP was mainly meal replacement shakes, I try to stay away from protein shakes. Not because they’re bad but simply because I lived off of them for nearly 5 months. I am a huge fan of protein bars and cookies. I have a few websites and stores that I buy products from, but I was looking for something a bit different. I stumbled across an instagram account for Box of Protein. What is Box of Protein? It’s a company that offers parcels that are sort of like a subscription box, without the subscription. They offer a Standard Box of 14 products for £19.99 or a Sample Box of 6 products for £9.99. In the box you receive a random assortment of different protein products from bars, brownies, powders and gels. I decided to give the sample box a go to see what it was like.

I was not disappointed, the box came within a few days and was pushed right through my letterbox. This was a relief as whenever I have a parcel delivered I am never in. Sods law right? The size of the box eliminates that problem which is fantastic. The box itself is plain with a simple stamp of “Box of” on the front. When I opened the box the products were wrapped away in white tissue paper with a business card on the top. When I flipped the card over I noticed it was personalised to say “Hi Tiffany, thank you for your order, enjoy!” This was a lovely touch and already made me so happy I had ordered it. I think sometimes companies overlook the little touches which will bring people back. As silly as it sounds, this was enough to make me order another box.

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