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Pinch Punch, Hello March

pinch punch first of the month hello march

Morning kittens!

I love winter normally, it’s my favourite season. For me it means cosy nights with my family, Christmas celebrations and days out playing in the snow. However I am SO looking forward to warmer weather.

This winter just hasn’t done it for me like it normally does. Naomi was very poorly through most of December. Never a nice thing to cope with especially around the holidays. This did make for some very funny Santa photos! The weather has also been absolutely rubbish. Most people consider rubbish winter weather to be loads of snow. Oh no. For me is mild temperatures, wind and rain. Where’s the snow?! This hasn’t been winter, it’s been a long autumn.

Photo challenge starts this month as well! Haven’t done one in a while so thought I would give it another go. Wish me luck because I have the memory of a gnat.

Here is to a healthy, happy and prosperous month to you all!

#happytuesday #smilealways #hellomarch #haveagreatday


Love Tiffany

Personal Update

Weights and Whiskers

welcome girl smiles

Welcome to my new shiny blog! Thank you for coming and having a look. Why Weights and Whiskers you ask? It’s all in how you interpret it! I enjoy training with free weights at the gym, I am obsessed with cats, I still weigh out some of my foods and I have whiskers thanks to PCOS! I suppose the name I chose is a catch all for me, it covers me in many angles, the good and the bad.

I set this blog up to help inspire people with their weight loss or healthy living journeys. I’m sure some of you reading this are from my extended Instagram family (Hello!!). So far, my weight loss journey has only been on Instagram. I found so much support and encouragement on there from other people with the same goals and ambitions as me. Quite a few people have said I’m even inspirational to them – a concept I still find a bit baffling.

It got me thinking, if I branch out I could help and inspire more people. I’m not grasping for praise or self-gloating here. I love helping people, I really do. It makes me incredibly happy to see people thriving and genuinely enjoying life. If I can help just one person achieve that, then I will be happier than someone finishing their VLCD eating a potato (I would know, that first potato was near orgasmic).

On this site you will find extensions of some of my Instagram posts, low calorie recipes, vlogs (I’m looking at you @graciemariesjourney and @shecanrawr !) and general blurbs of my life relating to my maintenance and fitness. Please feel free to get in touch via the contact form, leave me comments or find me on Instagram! I love hearing from you all, I’ve made this for you! I hope you enjoy it, I know I am.

Love Tiffany