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Size Doesn’t Matter

Size 10 New Look - weightsandwhiskers.co.uk

Size 10 dress from New Look

The term “size doesn’t matter” is thrown around a lot in weight loss and regarding body confidence. In some aspects, size does matter. It does matter if you are very large to the point it is having a negative affect on your health. Likewise, it does matter if you are very thin to the point it is having a negative affect on your health. All in all, it doesn’t matter the size you are as long as you’re healthy and happy. You could line up 5 individuals that weight the exact same weight and each person will look different and be a different size.

Size 8 Primark - weightsandwhiskers.co.uk

Size 8 jeans from Primark

I feel really sad when I see people set their weight loss goals and healthy livinggoals to be a certain clothing size. I can say this because I used to do the same. I developed this by doing online shopping and seeing in the photos “model wears a size 8” and thinking how amazing she looked and if I was a size 8 I’d look the same. No, I won’t ever look like she does. She is different than me and has a different body than me. Sizing of clothes is merely a common measurement to keep clothing at a standard to ensure it will fit most people within a range of numbers. That is all. The number on the pair of trousers you buy will not define you. Granted, it probably will make you happy at some point. I’d be a liar if I said I don’t get excited when a certain number fits me in a shop. Likewise, I don’t get upset if it doesn’t.

Size 10 H&M - weightsandwhiskers.co.uk

Size 10 dress from H&M

We’ll use me as an example in this. I am 5 foot 2 inches and weigh 8 stone 13lbs (125lbs). What size do you think I wear? Size 8 possibly? Maybe a 10 or a 12? You’d be right with all 3. I don’t wear one size for all of my clothes. Granted, most of my clothes are a size 10, but not every piece and not all from the same shop either. I used to think if I was one size I would be happy and I would refuse to buy any size bigger. How silly is that? This resulted in me either missing out on buying an article of clothing because my wanted size didn’t fit or I would force myself to squeeze into it. I can’t remember exactly when or the situation which led me to change, but one day it just clicked. Size doesn’t matter. The number on the label doesn’t matter. What matters is that I feel great in whatever I am wearing.

Size 12 H&M - weightsandwhiskers.co.uk

Size 12 skirt from H&M

My last 5 purchases perfectly outline this. Understandably, as I lost weight my clothing sizes went downwards. I started from a size 20 and my smallest purchase to date is a size 8, this being a pair of jeans from Primark I picked up last month. Now I’ve heard both sides of Primark sizes either running big or running small. In my experience, they’ve always run small. Back in the day, I used to be able to pick up a size 16 pair of trousers anywhere but in Primark a size 16 wouldn’t even button. You could imagine my excitement when a pair of size 8 jeans fit me. On the flip side of that, my favourite pair of comfy jeans are a size 12 from New Look and fit perfect. Go figure.

Size 10 Miss Selfridge - weightsandwhiskers.co.uk

Size 10 skirt from Miss Selfridge

I went out for a little shopping trip this afternoon. Mainly to get a new dress for an upcoming wedding, but I’m also a sucker for deals so a few more gems were picked up along the way. I tried on a gorgeous white floral print v neck skater dress from New Look in a size 12 and it swamped me. I quickly swapped it out for a size 10 and it fit nearly perfect, aside from the extra fabric due to my lack of boobs (thanks weight loss). After that, I went into H&M to get a new outfit for the other half. The sales racks were calling my name so I went for a nosy. I found a lovely leather effect quilted skirt and a patchwork dress for a fiver each. Get in. I tried on various sizes of both and the results were a size 12 in the skirt and a 10 in the dress. You would think one would be the same size within the same store, but it just goes to show it really does depend on the garment. Now, I also ordered online a camel button through skirt from Miss Selfridge who I know run quite small in their sizes. I took a gamble and ordered a size 10 but was fully expecting to need to send it back for a 12. I was quite surprised when I received my parcel today and tried it on that the 10 fit absolutely perfect.

The next time that you set a goal or your happiness on a size, please keep the above in mind. Even though I am happy I was able to buy size 8 jeans from Primark, I was also just as happy to buy a size 12 skirt from H&M. I felt amazing in each of the clothing articles above and that is what is important. If anyone judges you by the size you wear, please send them my way so I can give them a smack upside the head. It is merely a number and it is not important. Just like with numbers on a scale, the numbers on your clothing labels do not define you. You yourself define who you are, the size of your trousers are only there so a seamstress knew where to cut and sew a hem.

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Love Tiffany

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    28th July 2016 at 12:11 pm

    Congratulations on your weight loss. You look fantastic. It would be nice if you could write a little how you achieved it, preferably with some before and after photos. This will inspire others to follow your lead!

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