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Lunch on the train journey back was a houmous and falafel wrap, flavoured water and an Eat Natural bar. I grabbed a packet of popchips for 99 calories and my brain was like, “NOOO CRISPS ARE BAD!” So, I picked up the Eat Natural bar instead for 241 calories. Someone please tell my brain to stop being an arsehole. How is that logically better than crisps? I did look for fruit or veg but classically, they were all gone.

I was hoping for something a bit more substantial for lunch, but my meeting ran over and it was a bit of a dash for the train home. At least dinner will be a bit better. Downside though, I still can’t taste anything. When I can’t taste my food I don’t feel satisfied. This makes me want to eat more food. It’s a sick, sick cycle.

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