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Appetite Where Have You Gone

I took a leaf from @mads_getsfit and made her banana “nice” cream – thank you beautiful it’s amazing! My calories were quite low for the day so I added a Trio bar as a treat. Whole bowl is under 300 calories and it was a massive portion! Can’t wait to tweak this recipe with ingredients and flavours. Watch this space!

I decided to track my calories today out of curiosity because I knew they would be low. Before this ice cream I was under 1000 calories. Really not good. Not sure if it’s antibiotics or my body trying to tell me to rest, but I just haven’t had an appetite. I’ve had to force down all my food today which is very unlike me.

For lunch I had 5 strawberries, a handful of mango chunks and a Muscle Food Vanilla Crisp Bar. Chased that down with a skinny sugar free hazlenut latte. I was gobbed and to be honest probably wouldn’t have eaten lunch if it wasn’t for the fact I was shakey and dizzy. Dinner was homemade fish tacos with cauliflower tortillas and baja sauce. Again, forced this down as I knew I needed to eat because of the antibiotics.

It all kind of goes against my ethos, don’t eat if you’re not hungry regardless of times and meals. However, due to the fact I’m on antibiotics I know I HAVE to eat. Last thing I want is this infection to last any longer than it has already.

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Love Tiffany

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