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Cacao Medicine - Porrdige with Peanut Butter and Cacao Nibs -

I’ve been ill now for a week and a half and today is by far the worst day. Thankfully, Naomi was well enough to go to nursery today so I had the house to myself. I love her to bits but you don’t get sick days as a mom, so I was very happy that I had a day just to myself. I was non stop coughing from 5am and my lips feel like I’ve been rubbing them with sandpaper. The joys of mouth breathing. I finally managed to roll out of bed around 11:ooam and feel a little better now after a 45 minute shower. Sometimes you need to just say fudge it to the water bill and indulge yourself.

Breakfast/Lunch/First Food is porridge with peanut butter and natural cacao nibs with a brew. I am such a firm believer in comfort food. I know a few healthy eating gurus would love to hang, draw and quarter me for saying that. It’s drilled into your head when going through any weight loss plan that food is sustenance and not to be used as comfort. However, I do feel that foods are healing. Eating healthy and ensuring you have plenty of fruits and vegetables does wonders for your immune system, so why wouldn’t your favourite food do wonders for your mood and soul? Now I will be a bit of a Debbie Downer here and say that while I do believe in comfort food, it definitely is within moderation and when healthy tweaks can be had, have them (such as my enchiladas last night!).

When you’re ill, all you want is to be taken care of and to feel better. I don’t care if you have a case of the sniffles or laying in hospital. It’s all you want. Naturally, my brain is saying go grab a Maccies and eat your weight in chocolate. No brain, stop it. You were already an arsehole this week. Instead, I ate one of my favourite foods and added a healthy twist – cacao nibs! Alright I hear you shouting at me, “chocolate isn’t healthy you idiot!” Hear me out! Cacao nibs are the least processed form of chocolate you can get. Cacao is essentially eating the cacao bean itself without all the added sugars and refinement that you get from the normal chocolate we eat. Not to mention it has loads of health benefits. As ever, I preach again about moderation, so don’t go downing a bag of cacao nibs saying I told you that it was healthy. With that said, one serving of cacao nibs packs in 9g of fiber, loads of antioxidants and it helps release a hormone from the brain that makes you feel good. How can you go wrong? Team this up with porridge and peanut butter and you have me prancing around the house on cloud 9, albeit clinging to a snot rag and coughing my brains out.

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Love Tiffany

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