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Fish Fakeaway

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Dinner was Youngs Gastro Pub garlic & herb dusted plaice, garden peas and homemade sweet potato chips. It was an extremely stressful and hectic day – in and out of meetings with a mountain of work waiting for me back at my desk. On top of that, I knew I was working 10 hours due to overtime. Didn’t even get a lunch break or eat lunch for that matter. Other than my extremely late breakfast of muesli, I had a blueberry and vanilla O Bar and an apple. Easily eaten under 400 calories before dinner. I would have freaked out about this back when I was calorie counting. However, I’ve learned to listen to my body and even though I was too busy to eat my lunch, I actually didn’t feel hungry until I left work. If I’m not hungry, I don’t eat. Just because it’s a certain time of day doesn’t mean I should eat. I should eat when my body tells me I need sustenance.

With that said, all I wanted when I got home was a takeaway to make me “feel better.” Instead, I did a takeaway home style. It’s not often I eat oven meals at home, so I still feel as if I had something naughty – but in a good way! It satisfied that urge of geating something you know you shouldn’t.

A few weeks ago we had the Youngs Gastro Pub dusted black pepper basa fillets as a treat and they were amazing! We were eager to get them again but I suggested we try a different flavour and different fish. These, however, were vile. It tasted like I was eating the ocean. Never again. I love seafood but it shouldn’t taste of the big blue.

Whats your favourite “naughty” oven meal that you have when you’re feeling a bit too run down to cook? Let me know in the comments!

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Love Tiffany

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