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Breakfast this morning is a handful of strawberries, banana and Greek yogurt. Delicious!

Last night was a “no thought” night in regards to food. I don’t actively count calories but I’m always aware of them. One of my triggers is high calorie meals to which I do my best to stick under 400 calories each. I’ve had a lot of binge urges lately and decided to have planned treats rather than risking a blind and thoughtless binge I’m the future.

So last night was Kung Po Chicken and some chips from the Chinese followed by a dark chocolate wafer bar, wagon wheel and a light hot chocolate. There was no guilt in eating it because it was planned. I find I only feel guilty for eating something when I give into temptation.

The fresh fruit and yogurt this morning was refreshing after last night and as predicted, the binge urges are gone. Sometimes eating healthy 24/7 just isn’t practical and you have to allow yourself something that’s normally forbidden. Balance my friends, balance.

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Love Tiffany

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