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Hangry Fakesagne

Your face when you’ve been in the kitchen prepping and cooking for an hour and a half and the food isn’t even in the oven yet. You have a lot to answer to Hairy Bikers because I’m HANGRY. This better taste like I’m eating the best meal in the world off of Captain Anericas abs.

Okay so update, Skinny Beef Lasagne is NOT lasagne. Okay it tastes good but I was so disappointed. Not only because of the time it took but the effort and expectations as well. I’ve always heard such great things about the Hairy Bikers recipes. A few others I’ve made have been delicious but I will never make this one again.

For me, lasagne is like cutting a gooey meaty cake. You slice it up and when you remove a portion you can clearly see layers. Granted when it gets to your plate it’s probably slid apart and that’s fine. This however wouldn’t cut and the mixture just flowed around the dish. I don’t know how leek was supposed to work as a lasagne sheet but it didn’t. It’s too thin and too tough to cut into servings. 3 out of the 6 portions had leek sheets, the others lost out. I even boiled my leek for longer to ensure they were tender. They were so tender they were falling apart when I was layering! Now the meat mixture did taste nice and I will probably use some bits to make my own healthier lasagne recipe on the future.





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Love Tiffany

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