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Homemade Cup Noodle

Mason Jar Instant Noodle Cup - Quick Easy Work Lunches -

Lunch today was homemade instant noodles! SO yummy.. put in too much veg though. Will DEFINITELY be having this again! This was such a breeze to make last night, even at 11:30 at night. All you need is a mason jar, flavour base, filler and your noodles.

I made my flavour base out of 1/3 a cube of Kallo organic low sodium chicken stock, black pepper, garlic powder and sriracha. On top of the flavour base comes the filler which was sliced mushroom, frozen veg medley (green beans, carrot and cauliflower), sliced spring onion and frozen ready cooked chicken breast strips. The top is your noodle of choice. I used the opportunity to try out my MyProtein pasta that I received in my Box of Protein order. These were really tasty and bulked out when cooked. Some noodles you do not need to pre-cook, but these you did. This isn’t an issue as it only takes a few minutes to boil pasta. Slap the lid on your mason jar, throw it in the fridge and you’re set for the next day!

I did go a bit overkill with my filler. I didn’t have any room to shake up the jar after it had finished steeping. I thought, “it’s cool, I’ll just tip it in a bowl.” All the nopes, I nearly needed two bowls! Needless to say, I wasn’t left hungry. Top tip from me? Filler is just that – FILLER. Don’t put so much in you struggle to fit in your noodles and room to mix it up!

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