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Dinner Time? Hotdog!

Adapted Slimming World recipe for low syn bacon wrapped hotdogs and sweet potato chips

It’s 9pm and I am so ready for bed! I’m glad I hadn’t planned to cook a proper meal, I don’t think I would have had the energy to. Sometimes you need to say feck it and have easy meals in healthier versions.

I adapted a SW recipe I found for bacon wrapped hotdogs. I think SW wise this meal is 5 syns (hotdogs and ketchup), not sure how sweet potato goes. This was 2 hotdogs wrapped in strips of bacon (fat cut off), 1 bun, sprinkle of light cheese and fried onions. The recipe I found called for a cheese sauce which we opted out of because it sounded too rich, so we put the sprinkling of cheese on instead! I poped them under the grill for a few minutes so the cheese was lovely and melty.

I’ve decided to review Joe Wicks Lean In 15 book over next week. We go away on holiday next Friday for the weekend, so the review will be up when I get back!

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