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The Cold Noodle Bowl

udon noodle bowl apple squash lunch

Such a filling and light lunch. Okay not sure if the lunch was filling or if it was my protein overload at breakfast. I had a Sainsbury’s chicken udon bowl, apple and peach squash. The noodle bowl has 26.5g of protein and is only 374 calories. Fantastic for a lazy lunch that will keep you full and not sabotage your waist line.

Only gripe with the noodle bowl was the ginger was REALLY strong. If you love ginger then I would highly suggest this. If you’re not a big fan of ginger, stay away! After a certain point it was all I could taste. I also just noticed I was supposed to microwave it. Oh well, it was okay cold. Thankfully the chicken was cooked or this could have ended badly! I imagine the ginger is tamed down by being warmed up as well. Kinda failing all around with this one!

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