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Snow? You’re Nutty!

nutty muesli warmed up

Only just having breakfast, it’s been so hectic today. Simply nutty muesli warmed up with skimmed milk. I think the mini blizzard we had here in Birmingham is making me feel a lot colder thank normal. My friend mentioned heating up my muesli the other day. I thought she was bananas. It’s actually really good though! Of course I chased down my nutty muesli with my Twinnings Spicy Chai tea. I like to add a bit of milk and Canderel sweetener to it, almost like a chai tea latte! I had to give up my cheeky tall chai tea latte from Starbucks once I found out how many calories and sugar was in it. This is nearly just as good without all the rubbish, not to mention loads cheaper!

I am still addicted to my coffees though. Usually indulge in a small skinny sugar free caramel cappuccino from Costa on the way to work or a tall skinny sugar free hazelnut latte from Starbucks on the weekend. We all have our vices! What is your one guilty pleasure that you’ve adapted to fit in with your healthy lifestyle?

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Love Tiffany

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