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Stressful Friday

Simple quick lunch of cheese on toast and an apple

Having a late lunch of cheese on toast with avocado and tomato and an apple. Also have a lovely hot cup of Twinnings strawberry and cranberry tea.

Today has been oddly stressful. I had fun while I was out with Naomi this morning, but it wasn’t a breeze. We live near Wolverhampton and Naomi goes to nursery in Birmingham. As I don’t drive, the easiest way for me to go to the 9:30 Mother’s Day breakfast the nursery was hosting was to go with my husband when he went to work at 7am.

The plan was to sit in Costa and have breakfast and coffee while we waited then take a slow walk up to the nursery. First road block was my husband forgot to put the pushchair in the car. Naomi is at that awkward stage where she will walk and hold your hand but not for very long. This means having to hold her and she’s heavy, so heavy.

I calmed down after drinking my coffee. Naomi was being a dream until she got bored of the high chair. This lead to her trying to run around Costa. At least she was still long enough for me to finish my food and coffee. However, because she was full of beans it meant we had to leave Costa earlier than I wanted. Queue the long slow walk to the nursery along busy roads with big lorries.

Bless ber, she did walk 1/3 of the way and walked very well. Stopped at all crossings, held my hand and didn’t stop 600 times. Then she got tired, which is understandable. My arms were dead by the time I got to nursery.

Now at home she’s being a bit whiney and asking for all the chocolates, which she’s getting none of. So she’s even more whiney. Needless to say, I’m exhausted and want a nap. On the plus side, we go on holiday in a week! Silver linings and all that jazz.

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Love Tiffany

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