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Box of Happiness

This brightened my mood today! Received my Box of Protein parcel today with some lucky St Patrick’s Day surprises – an extra protein bar and some chocolate coins!

I am so happy to see stickers on the products without branding on the package! The first box I received appeared to be from multipacks and so didn’t have any branding on the package to say what they were. I mentioned this in an email to the founder who has now inplemebted the stickers. Definitely makes the box 10x better because I can get more excited about what I’ve received! Downside? I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to get the lime gel.

Also, sorry Ian but you’re not getting my goodies. I purely used our marital status to use your PayPal. Okay fine, you can have my black currant Ener:Gel. You are NOT getting my pumpkin pie Quest bar. I love you but no.

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Love Tiffany

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