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Pinch Punch, Hello March

pinch punch first of the month hello march

Morning kittens!

I love winter normally, it’s my favourite season. For me it means cosy nights with my family, Christmas celebrations and days out playing in the snow. However I am SO looking forward to warmer weather.

This winter just hasn’t done it for me like it normally does. Naomi was very poorly through most of December. Never a nice thing to cope with especially around the holidays. This did make for some very funny Santa photos! The weather has also been absolutely rubbish. Most people consider rubbish winter weather to be loads of snow. Oh no. For me is mild temperatures, wind and rain. Where’s the snow?! This hasn’t been winter, it’s been a long autumn.

Photo challenge starts this month as well! Haven’t done one in a while so thought I would give it another go. Wish me luck because I have the memory of a gnat.

Here is to a healthy, happy and prosperous month to you all!

#happytuesday #smilealways #hellomarch #haveagreatday


Love Tiffany

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