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Mini Haul

Mini haul for from today.. totally safe a week before payday right? This is why I shouldn’t be allowed to walk around on my own New sandals for me and an outfit for Naomi from Pep & Co ! £15 for the three items. Winning! Will definitely be back. 

I finally got around to adulting and got a make up organiser from Muji . Bargain for about £9 and they’re stackable with their other organisers! More reason to buy make up am I right? 

Size 10 button up (NSV right there!!) blouse for me and a tshirt for Ian. Also got some handbag sized lint rollers because having a white cat is hell. The black cap is for Ian’s bday next month. All that from H&M for £20. 

#shopping #thisiswhyiwork #donttellthehusband #cantbetrusted #haul #minihaul #treatyourself #treatyourfamily #weightsandwhiskers

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