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Protein, The Breakfast of Champs

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Breakfast is a little different today! Dorset Cereals Simply Nutty Muesli, 0% Fage yogurt and Twinnings Spicy Chai tea. I had never had mueslis before a few weeks ago. Not quite sure HOW I never had this before. It tastes amazing! The first box I had was strictly muesli and milk – pretty boring. I had to pop into Sainsbury’s on my way into work as I, once again, forgot my breakfast and lunch (I told you, memory of a gnat). Had a little light blub of an idea to try the muesli with yogurt. I opted for protein rich Fage in hopes it would keep me fuller for longer. It worked, its now almost lunch time and I’m still full. The Fage had roughly 17g of protein and the muesli has 5g – have ALL the protein!

I have a few ideas milling around in my head of different recipes for muesli. Quite excited to try them out, so watch this space!

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