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Savoury Rice Cakes

savoury cottage cheese rice cakes

Quick little snack of gluten free rice cakes, low fat cottage cheese and tomato. Added a sprinkle of black pepper and smoked paprika to the top. Absolutely yummy!

I’ve always been a notorious sweet rice cake eater. They were always chocolate, yogurt or caramel flavoured. This was the first time attempting savoury rice cakes and I am so glad I did. The protein from the cottage cheese will keep me filled up until it’s time for Sunday lunch!

Beef roast is in the oven, can’t remember the last time I had a beef Sunday lunch! I am really funny with beef. If it is overcooked, too chewy or too fatty I am put off completely. I will post the recipe for it later if it turns out okay. Not only am I hoping it is juicy and tender, but it is also under 400 calories for a roast dinner! Winner winner.. um.. cattle dinner?

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Love Tiffany

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