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    Skinny Mini Cheesecake

    After falling off the wagon and continually eating my weight in sweet foods, I knew something had to give. I need sweet treats like flowers need the sun. Don’t judge. I…

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    Pop’in Chicken

    Dinner tonight is a twist on Fanta Chicken! Very yummy and filling. The orange tang almost made it taste like a Chinese! I inhaled this. Probably shouldn’t have but hey ho.…

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    Fridge Raider

    More of a fridge clear out, got to eat stuff before it goes off!  Lunch is 3 small white baps with homemade tuna mayo and sweetcorn mix and some of what’s…

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    Love is Bacon

    Happy Monday my lovelies! Hope you have a quick and easy day today.  Breakfast this morning is using leftovers in the fridge. 2 egg bacon and mushroom omelet with a dollop…

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    Friday Fakeaway

    Friday Fakeaway Mayflower chicken curry with peas and mushrooms. Yuuuuuuummy! Thank you to my Slimming World friends who have enlightened me to this B&M gem! It even converted the hubs to…

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    Calm Before The Storm

    Lunch is coronation tuna on multigrain frackers, broccoli & cauliflower cupasoup and a pear. Cooking for Eurovision Pick’N’Mix starts after this! I don’t know what I’ve let myself in for with…

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    Silly Tummy

    Good morning everyone! The little one let me sleep til 6:30, I feel so lucky! Today’s breakfast is a peanut butter Bia protein square and a cuppa. Didn’t feel up to eating…

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    Men Noodles?!

    Lunch is a chili noodle bowl, pear and pepsi max! I also realised thanks to a friend that it actually says chili men noodles haha! I feel like I’m sitting in…

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    PB My Love

    Good morning lovelies! Breakfast is porridge with natural peanut butter and sliced banana. Absolutely boiling in my office today, so I swapped my spicy chai tea for some grapefruit squash instead.…

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    Looks Aren’t Everything

    There’s no way to make this pretty! Oatibix and strawberries for breakfast with a milky spicy chia tea. The little one is still a bit poorly and now the hubs is…

  • Skinny Beef Pie -
    Featured Food Diary Recipes

    Skinny Beef Pie

    One of my favourite pies is steak and ale. Unfortunately, its really not healthy eating friendly. A pub version of steak and ale pie with mash and peas can have you…