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    Sunshine and Coffee

    The sunshine is a perfect way to clear your head. Also, a much needed caffeine fix of a skinny sugar free iced vanilla latte after a very hectic day! This is…

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    Binge and Struggle Snuggles

    I binged mini binge but still a binge. Triggered by my headache, shark week coming and eating greasy frozen oven food. 3 mini samosas, spicy wedges, 3 spring rolls, fish finger,…

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    Leftover Glory

    Lunch today is beef stew with hazelnut picada and a Pepsi Max. Recipes like this always taste so much better after sitting in the fridge overnight. All the spices and herbs…

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    Mondayist Tuesday

    Today is the most Mondayist Tuesday ever! I would say it’s a short week but I’m still working 4 days. Breakfast this morning is porridge with natural PB and sliced banana.…

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    Poorly Sick

    Breakfast and lunch is a Lenny and Larrys chocolate chip protein cookie. We’ve moved from the bed to the sofa under a duvet. I find it hard to eat when Naomi…

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    Square Morning

    After the buffet food last night and knowing I’m out for lunch, I wanted a light breakfast. Decided on a chocolate peanut butter square bar and a cappuccino. I also had…

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    Size Doesn’t Matter

    The term “size doesn’t matter” is thrown around a lot in weight loss and regarding body confidence. In some aspects, size does matter. It does matter if you are very large to…

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    Yo For One

    Lunch date for 1! Bit of a shopping treat while the toddler has a nap in the push chair. Happy mommy! I would never eat on my own before I lost…

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    Back to Basics

    My fav! Porridge with natural peanut butter and banana for breakfast with a lovely cuppa. I tried to stay away from this dish for awhile so I didn’t run the risk…

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    Early Bird Snack Box

    Instagram Ads, usually full of high end and high priced products. Thankfully, good ole Insta delivered a gem last week. I saw a post for Early Bird which was showcasing a display…