Chocolate Cornflake Cakes

Chocolate Cornflake Cake - Easy Kids Receipe -

Cornflakes, a family favourite for years. I tried to get Naomi to eat cornflakes from a young age and she would outright refuse. I put it down to them being too crunchy as she is very much a texture child. I put this down to my fear of her choking and having her on purees until she was nearly 9 months old. Bad mommy. The other week we realised she LOVES chocolate cornflake cakes. Of course she does, it’s chocolate. Ian was picking her up from nursery a few weeks ago and they must have made a batch that day. He was holding Naomi as he was talking with one of the nursery workers. While he was distracted, she reached over and grabbed the cake and shoved half of it in her gob. Cheeky little mare.

When we were going through our cupboards before our weekly shop this week, we noticed we needed some more cornflakes. Ian suggested we used what was left in the box to make the cornflake cakes. Brilliant idea, go daddy. I thought what a good idea this was since Naomi and I both weren’t feeling our best. I loved baking and cooking growing up and I want to instill this love into Naomi as well. We did attempt to make fishcakes together a few weeks ago which did not go to plan. Still fun though and great memories were made. No doubt making the chocolate cornflake cakes would be a bigger hit with her because, well, chocolate.

Chocolate Cornflake Cake Mixing - Easy Kids Receipe -

Naomi feeling ever so proud of herself for stirring and not slapping the cornflakes.

I would 10 out of 10 suggest this to any parent with kids of any age. This is so incredibly simple and easy to make. All you need to make the chocolate cornflake cakes is:

  • large mixing bowl
  • muffin tray
  • muffin cases
  • 100g cornflakes
  • 100g chocolate
  • 3 tbsp golden syrup
  • 50g butter

While Naomi was glued to watching her favourite bunny Bing, I preheated the oven to 200c and got all the ingredients ready. Now older kids could help weigh out the ingredients, but Naomi is an independent woman toddler and wouldn’t accept me telling her that we only needed so much of one thing. So I avoided that meltdown and weighted it out myself. The first step in the recipe is to melt the chocolate, golden syrup and butter together. I would suggest doing this in a bowl over boiling

Chocolate Cornflake Cake Zelda - Easy Kids Receipe -

Zelda decided she wanted to come help out as well.

water, but again due to Naomi’s age I wanted to avoid her screaming because I told her the pan is hot and she can’t grab it. So I popped the 3 ingredients into a bowl and microwaved it. If you do use the microwave to melt the ingredients, do it gently. You don’t want to singe the chocolate and make it bitter! After roughly a minute, most of the chocolate was melted but a few chunks remained. Keep stirring and it will melt in with the rest.

At this point I grabbed a chair and asked her to join me. I’ve come to a realisation that this child likes to slap things with spoons. I poured the melted chocolate mixture over the cornflakes in a bowl and she just slapped the living daylights out of it with a wooden spoon. A few tears followed when I showed her that it needed to be mixed rather than beaten within an inch of its life. This was soon soothed when Zelda decided to join us. Now, any of you who are going to go off in a tangent in the comments about how unsanitary it is having a cat in the kitchen, just go now. Anyway, she finally decided she wanted to stir the

Eating Chocolate Cornflake Cake - Easy Kids Receipe -

We made it together AND she’s eating it? Success! Thank the stars for chocolate.

cornflakes with the melted chocolate, which was good because it was starting to cool and I was worried it wouldn’t coat the cornflakes. Many giggles were had while she was stirring followed by clapping and congratulating herself. Yes my darling, you are a master stirrer.

Once the cornflakes were all coated, I started to pop the mixture into the muffin cases in the muffin tray. After filling one, I went back to the bowl to find little pudgy fingers in there knicking the cornflakes. She was also trying to share these with Zelda, who was keen to accept Naomi’s generous offer. More tears after I tried to explain that cats can’t have chocolate. Her tears were quickly forgotten when she remembered there were chocolate cornflakes in the bowl. More pudgy fingers dived into the bowl while I filled the rest of the muffin trays. In the fridge they went to set and we went off to watch more Bing.

After a few hours I went to grab her one of the chocolate cornflake cakes as a pre-bedtime treat. Probably not the best idea as she was then on a manic sugar high but hey, making memories right? The cakes hadn’t quite set yet so they were falling apart a little. This didn’t put Naomi off at all thought, she dove right in to take a bite. She then discovered though it was more fun to make me hold the cake like her little servant. I don’t think the cake lasted more than 2 minutes before it was gone. Cooking success! Or is it baking success? Well, we didn’t really cook or bake. Cornflake success!

Give this a go with your little ones, or better yet have a go for yourself and indulge in your inner child. Let me know how they turned out!

Love Tiffany

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