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Anyone who has lost weight or is looking for gains in the gym will know how important protein is for keeping full and aiding in muscle recovery. When I was on Cambridge Weight Plan, it taught the importance of protein and played a major part in my weight loss. I still use protein in my maintenance to help me stay full so I don’t pick at food throughout the day and also around my workouts to help build lean muscle.

Since CWP was mainly meal replacement shakes, I try to stay away from protein shakes. Not because they’re bad but simply because I lived off of them for nearly 5 months. I am a huge fan of protein bars and cookies. I have a few websites and stores that I buy products from, but I was looking for something a bit different. I stumbled across an instagram account for Box of Protein. What is Box of Protein? It’s a company that offers parcels that are sort of like a subscription box, without the subscription. They offer a Standard Box of 14 products for £19.99 or a Sample Box of 6 products for £9.99. In the box you receive a random assortment of different protein products from bars, brownies, powders and gels. I decided to give the sample box a go to see what it was like.

I was not disappointed, the box came within a few days and was pushed right through my letterbox. This was a relief as whenever I have a parcel delivered I am never in. Sods law right? The size of the box eliminates that problem which is fantastic. The box itself is plain with a simple stamp of “Box of” on the front. When I opened the box the products were wrapped away in white tissue paper with a business card on the top. When I flipped the card over I noticed it was personalised to say “Hi Tiffany, thank you for your order, enjoy!” This was a lovely touch and already made me so happy I had ordered it. I think sometimes companies overlook the little touches which will bring people back. As silly as it sounds, this was enough to make me order another box.

The products themselves were great, mainly because it was a surprise and I had no idea what I would be getting. My selected products were:

  • Quest Strawberry Cheesecake Bar
  • MyProtein Pasta
  • The Protein Works Chocolate Brownie
  • The Protein Works Grazers Bar
  • MyProtein Blackcurrant Ener:Gel
  • PhD Protein Flapjack

The only product I wasn’t over the moon about was the MyProtein Gel. I haven’t used it yet, but I don’t like blackcurrant flavoured food/drink. I’m also a bit worried about the consistency of the gel, but hey that’s part of the excitement of having a random choice of products delivered to you! I will still give it a go anyway and hope its not too bad. I’ve only tried one product so far which was The Protein Works Chocolate Brownie- you can see that in my vlog. I have a problem of when I buy things I don’t like to use them because, well, they’re gone. I’m a bit weird like that.

I was slightly put off that some of the products weren’t labeled. I thought I was going to have to do a Google guessing game. This was quickly solved by an email from the founder of Box of Protein, Liam. The email came through a few days after my box arrived simply stating that if I had any feedback or wanted to say, to reply to the email. That is exactly what I did! I explained that I enjoyed my box but that perhaps a list of products would be helpful in the box. I had a quick reply from Liam who suggested perhaps stickers on the products stating what they are would be a good solution. I think its a bloody great solution! I have my fingers crossed that the next box I order has these on.

In a nutshell, I really loved my box. I wouldn’t even mind if it was a subscription – I’d happily pay it monthly! Seeing how happy I was with the sample box, next time I will order the standard box and see what other goodies I receive. I can only imagine they keep the better products for the bigger boxes.

If you’re a lover of protein products or simply trying to incorporate more protein into your diet, give Box of Protein a go! They have a competition on their Facebook at the moment for the chance to win a free box once their page hits 1,000 likes – go to their page and enter! Simply find their post for the competition and follow the instructions.

You can also find them on Instagram – @boxofprotein – give us both a follow while you’re at it! Go grab one of their boxes and try it out for yourself, you wont be disappointed.

Love Tiffany

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Box of Protein Sample Box









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