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Early Bird Snack Box

Early Bird Snack Box - weightsandwhiskers.co.uk

Instagram Ads, usually full of high end and high priced products. Thankfully, good ole Insta delivered a gem last Snack Box - Early Bird Healthy Snacks - weightsandwhiskers.co.ukweek. I saw a post for Early Bird which was showcasing a display of healthy snacks. I was instantly intrigued, so I had a click. My phone was flooded with pictures of yummy snacks and tea blends. Trying to lead a healthy life style has its struggles. I’m fine with eating healthy meals, but I do struggle with snacks. This looked like the perfect solution! It reminds me a lot of Graze, however when I tried them a few years back I wasn’t impressed with the taste or selection. I was a little dubious and I didn’t want to throw money away on products I wouldn’t be too keen on, so I had a look at what they offered.

There was a selection of sweet snacks, nuts and chia puddings. They had me at chia puddings, so I started up my subscription.  You can chose whether you want vegan or vegetarian snacks, nut free, dairy free and much more. From there I Snacks - Early Bird Healthy Snacks - weightsandwhiskers.co.ukdecided to order a box. The snacks come once a week for £4.95 in letterbox friendly packaging so there’s no need to be in for deliveries. An added perk which I loved is that you can also chose a dispatch date so it arrives on a day that you want. Now I just had to sit and wait for my box to arrive! I only had to wait a few days for it to come, and one of my darkest days in quite awhile this gem was sitting on my hallway floor.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and saw that the enclosed leaflet was personalised with my name. These days I think big businesses miss the fact that showing each customer that they matter is a big deal. Small businesses like this really get it and its refreshing! The leaflet had the nutritional information for Tea - Early Bird Healthy Snacks - weightsandwhiskers.co.ukeach snack as well as a lovely tip that I think we can all take on board:

Our snacks like to be eaten slowly. Mindless munching can upset your digestion, affect what you absorb and give you an energy crash. Engage your senses, and not with your stresses while you eat your snacks.

Now, as well as the snacks being like Graze, the packaging is very similar as well. I can’t fault them on this, as it is very effective. Unlike Graze, Early Bird offer something a bit different. In the centre of the box is a tinier box with a surprise blend of tea! It easy to overlook this, so if you decide to subscribe make sure youLeaflet - Early Bird Healthy Snacks - weightsandwhiskers.co.uk don’t throw it away! This is a lovely touch and takes this from a basic box of snacks to something a little special and makes them stand out, in my eyes anyway. I quite literally squealed when I realised there was tea in the little box. I’m pretty sure my family thought I was nuts. The only downside is that you cannot select what kind of tea you receive as you can with the snacks. Not everyone is fond of herbal teas, so it would be nice to have a variety of options like you have with the snacks to decide what kind of tea you receive. So far I’ve had one snack from the box so far which was the Flat Pack Brownie. Did it taste like a brownie? Nah not really. However, it did taste amazing! The chocolate and dates went so well together and the nuts added a much needed crunch. This leaves me really excited to try the other flavours and see what is in my next box!

If you’re interested in trying an Early Bird Snack Box then use my referral code! You get half off your first box and if you decide you’re not a fan you can cancel at any time. I believe this is a first come first serve code so be quick: tiffa-1276. I’m well impressed with the box and think it’s a great value for money. For just under £20 for 16 healthy snacks and 4 herbal teas, you really can’t go wrong. Let me know if you decided to give Early Bird a go!

Love Tiffany


Early Bird Snack Box

Early Bird Snack Box










          • Selection of Snacks
          • Letterbox Friendly Packaging
          • Customer Customisation


          • Subscription
          • Cannot Select Snack Category to Receive
          • No Customisation on Herbal Tea Selection

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