Review of Hairy Bikers Hairy Dieters Book 1

Hairy Bikers Hairy Dieters Book 1 -
HB Spanish Style Chicken Bake - Hairy Dieters Recipe Review -

Spanish Style Chicken Bake

I was so excited when I bought Book 1 of the Hairy Bikers Hairy Dieter series. I’ve loved the Hairy Bikers for years and always wanted to try their recipes but never got around to it. You can imagine how quick I ran to the kitchen when the book came in the post.

This book did not disappoint. Nearly every recipe looked amazing and and used every day ingredients. It seems a lot of celebrity chefs use ingredients you either need to take a loan out with Waitrose to buy or have to book a day off work to cook. It really puts me off to be honest. All I want to do is cook healthy, simple and delicious meals for my family. I don’t need to brag that my truffles were found by God’s very own pet pig on golden roller skates.

Hairy Bikers Chicken and Mushroom Risotto - Hairy Bikers Meal -

Chicken and Mushroom Risotto

The first recipe I made was the Spanish Style Chicken Bake. At the time, I couldn’t taste it because of a wicked bad infection. However, when I had the left overs a few days later it tasted lovely. The hubs loved it as well. It was time consuming but sometimes on the weekends it’s nice to spend a little extra time cooking for everyone.

One thing I did notice though is quite a few recipes do not use spices aside from salt and black pepper. Take the minestrone soup for instance. It uses the flavourfrom the chicken stock and veggies. From memory, when I’ve had minestrone soup before it had strong flavour from oregano or Italian seasonings. Now don’t get me wrong, this soup did taste fabulous, but it didn’t taste like traditional minestrone soup. Why do some recipes feel like to be healthy and low

Hairy Bikers Minestrone Soup - Low Cal Low Carb Soup -

Minestrone Soup

calorie that it has to lack flavour? Spices are free in my eyes, season away people! I can’t wait to make some more of the recipes from the book, spices or no spices. Quite a few of them will freeze which means you can batch cook the Bikers healthy meals to enjoy throughout the week.

To be fair, this isn’t a long review because I can’t fault the book. The recipes are easy to cook, use basic ingredients and taste great. I didn’t struggle finding something to cook because every recipe looked and sounded really good! Granted, there was one or two recipes I probably wouldn’t make, but you can’t write a cook book to please everyone’s palettes. This is perfect for work lunches or busy weeks!If you haven’t grabbed a copy of the Hairy Bikers Hairy Dieters Book 1, go get it! After I work my way through more of the recipes, I will definitely get book 2! If there is a book you would like me to review in the future, let me know in the comments below!

Love Tiffany

Hairy Dieters: How To Love Food and Lose Weight

Hairy Dieters: How To Love Food and Lose Weight






      • Simple Ingredients
      • Loads of Variety


      • Lack of Use of Spices

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