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Lean In 15: Chocolate & Almond Protein Cake

Chocolate & Almond Protein Cake - Lean In 15 Recipe Review -

I decided over the weekend that I would be trying a few recipes from Joe Wicks’ book Lean In 15. I was in the baking mood so I thought I would give the chocolate & almond protein cake a whirl. I won’t be using this recipe in my review of the book as it was a spontaneous off-the-cuff decision to make this. We’ll treat this as a stand alone review.

Seeing as it was Mother’s Day, I wanted chocolate. I mean I always want chocolate, but being the day it was I really wanted chocolate. I thought this might be a nice treat and help with the guilt I’d feel if I was eating a slice of chocolate fudge cake. I had a few of the ingredients in my cupboard already, but I did need a quick nip to the shop to buy a few extras of things I didn’t have (almond butter, dates, ground almonds). In hindsight I should have bought more eggs because this calls for 4 of them. It also doesn’t follow the motto of 15 minutes, but being a cake I can’t fault that. What cake can you make in 15 minutes? A raw one.

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