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Lean In 15: Joe’s Chicken Pie

Lean in 15 Joe's Chicken Pie - Recipe Review -
Joe's Chicken Pie - Lean In 15 -

Look at this beast! I could eat the page. Way to go, Joe!

Chicken pie is such a hearty and comforting food. It is also usually a high calorie and high fat food. I can’t remember the last time I had chicken pie, so when I saw this in Joe Wicks Lean In 15, I had to make it.

The book doesn’t show any macros or nutrient facts, but I assumed as the recipe calls for double cream it would be quite high. I was so, so wrong. I entered the ingredients into MyFitnessPal and was so surprised when it came out to 377 calories per serving! Praise the chicken pie gods!

Now the book is formed around 15 minute meals and workouts to help keep you lean. This recipe breaks the 15 minute rule and took me more
around 40 minutes. I forgive you Joe because this chicken pie calls for double cream. DOUBLE CREAM. It could take 3 hours to make if it means I can ingest double cream guilt free.

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