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Skinny Mini Cheesecake

After falling off the wagon and continually eating my weight in sweet foods, I knew something had to give. I need sweet treats like flowers need the sun. Don’t judge. I was trying to think of a dessert I could make with things I have in the cupboards that was not only low in calories but would feel naughty. Let’s be honest, a good pudding is a naughty pudding. My daughter came up to me asking for a biscuit. The “biscuits” we give her are the Heinz Baby Biscotti. The pack I grabbed today was chocolate, which she doesn’t have often. She offered me a bite, and to my surprise it was really good and turned quite creamy whilst eating. I thought they would make a great pie base. Mainly because they taste good but also because 3 biscottis are only 63 calories.

Queue lightbulb above my head. Cheesecake! I had exactly what I needed for a skinny no bake version for under 200 calories. My version uses light cream cheese and Greek yogurt to create a creamy cheesecake. Toss in a few other cupboard staples with the biscotti and you’ve got yourself a healthier cheesecake! Rather than making a standard size cheesecake and risk eating too much, because I would, I made individual ones. I used good sized ramekins which yield a big portion. Benefits of being low calorie, you can have a bigger portion. Thank you Naomi, credit goes to you for asking for a biscuit.

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Indulgent Fruit Pizza

Indulgent Fruit Pizza -

You can have pizza that isn’t dinner? Oh yes you can! The first time I tried fruit pizza was when I was a kid and it was a very sweet, high calorie and decadent dessert. The base was made from pre-made sugar cookie dough, topped with full fat cream cheese, covered in fruits and sprinkled with sugar. Absolutely delicious but oh my days not good for the waist line. I decided to adapt this treat and make it my own after trying to think up a dish for a pot luck dinner party we were hosting. I was making a main but it was more so to use up ingredients in the fridge. I wanted something that I know my friends hadn’t had before and would blow their socks off. It did. At one point I thought two of my friends were going to batter each other over who was having it to themselves!

My indulgent fruit pizza has a chocolate oat base and a Greek yogurt and sweet cheese frosting. Each slice is under 350 calories and feels so much naughtier than it is. You can even make your inner child happy by eating this for breakfast. This recipe is easily adaptable to suit your preferences as well. You can use any of your favourite fresh or tinned fruits, however if using tinned fruit ensure that they are drained and dried. I love deep dish pizza, so I made my base deep dish. If you prefer thin and crispy, simply cut down the base ingredients or make a bigger sized base – hey bigger slices! I kept the frosting slightly runny so it could double as a sauce for those who wanted extra, however cut back on the yogurt if you want it nice and thick.

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Food Diary Recipes

Chili Cheese Courgette Boats

Chili Cheese Courgette Boats -

Chili can be a bit of a naughty dish sometimes. Order this in a restaurant and you’re looking at a calorie overload from cheese, sour cream and crisps to dip in. The other half and I really love chili so ages back I changed up my recipe to be super healthy, tasty and healthy. I swapped beef mince for turkey mince, kidney beans for chickpeas and packed full of veggies. To be honest with you, I prefer the healthier version to the traditional version! Fiver says I can convert you as well.

I saw a recipe advertised by MyFitnessPal for chili cheese courgette boats. The idea really intrigued me and I wanted to test it out. I read through their ingredients and groaned a bit. I know what I like and decided I would stick to that. The only things I have taken on board from their recipe is the courgette boats and I decided to split the kidney beans and chickpeas. Call me big headed, but I couldn’t give up my chili recipe for another one. My take on this recipe clocks in under 400 calories and that includes some cheeky salted tortilla crisps crumbled on the top. It is a little carb heavy, but its all complex carbs (bar the tortilla crisps). If you’re at all worried, just be easy on the carbs that day and you’ll be fine – balance! By all means, ditch the tortilla crisps to bring down the calories and carbs even lower. This is also a protein power house, so it will keep you full for the rest of the evening.

I did get caught up in dancing and singing while I was cooking, so I forgot photos. I will update this recipe with photos the next time I make it.

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Recipe Request: Homemade Strawberry & Banana Ice Cream

Strawberry & Banana Ice Cream -

I would like to thank one of my followers, @maplepancake14 , for my first recipe request! I have posted homemade banana ice cream on Instagram a few times as part of my food diary. I originally got the idea from a lovely girl I follow called @madsgetsfit . She posts nearly daily her banana “nice” cream which she has stated uses frozen banana and milk which is blended until an ice cream like consistency is achieved. She always makes it look so nice with loads of toppings! I haven’t quite ventured this far as I typically have my ice cream late at night and just want to eat it and go to bed.

I gave the banana ice cream a go and it is amazing! Definitely feels like a naughty treat even though its practically just fruit. I couldn’t help but think that something was missing. Okay yes I know, toppings, but something other than that. After having a good think, I adapted the basic banana ice cream recipe to come up with something a little creamier and incorporate frozen fruit pieces. Where my recipe differs is the use of Greek yogurt. This makes the ice cream creamy and adds a slight tang. I also added strawberries to the mix to create one of my favourite flavour combinations. You can’t go wrong with a bit of strawberry and banana! My recipe makes a LOT of ice cream and each serving comes in at under 100 calories. Yep, ice cream for under 100 calories. Mind you, this is a high carb dessert at 21.2g. Hold on don’t go running for the hills, these are good carbs!

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Loaf Around The Weekend

Fruity Loafs - Quick Low Cal Recipe -

This past week I came to an epiphany – I eat boring work food. It’s the same things, day in and day out. Mind you, I do enjoy the foods I eat. However, it gets samey for you and samey for my body. We both need a bit of variety. I’m not saying I’m never going to have porridge with peanut butter and bananas at work again because lets face it, that is my crack. However, what it does mean is lots of experimenting over the weekends for me. My family is happy with this because it usually ends in lovely things for them to munch on.

This weekend I focused on my breakfasts. Breakfast at work is always either porridge or muesli. Both require only a bowl, spoon, milk and a microwave. I don’t really have time to make a nice breakfast to take with me to work for two reasons. Firstly, I wake up at 5am and that is early enough. I don’t want to wake up a half hour earlier just to make food. Secondly, by the time I eat breakfast (which is 10am) it probably wouldn’t be any better than something I made over the weekend and warmed up again. The first point is also why I don’t eat breakfast before work. I would be hangry by the time 10am rolled around and lunch isn’t until 1pm. Yeah, I could have a snack at 10am but this is just introducing more food into my day which is added calories which turns into stress for me, so I’m steering clear of that path.

A simple solution for me was to find things that I could cook or bake over the weekend which would last a few days and still be delicious reheated. Yesterday I shared with you my recipe for my bacon and avocado crustless quiche. This was kind of a no-brainer as far as simple transportable food and as practical as it is, I get tired of eggs quite quickly. So I wanted to think of other things that I’ve either never tried before or I haven’t had in ages. Queue in the Banana & Flaxseed Loaf and Fruity Honey Tea Loaf! Each of these for only 136 and 146 calories per slice respectively and will last well into the week. Depending on your mood and hunger levels, these could be eaten for breakfast or lunch. On top of that, they were so simple to make.

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