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Review of Joe Wicks Lean In 15

Last week I decided I would do a review of Joe Wicks Lean In 15 book. I chose 3 random recipes to cook throughout the week to assist with my overall opinion. I love to cook and try new things, so this was an absolute joy for me.

I read the book completely to get an understanding of what it was about. I very well couldn’t just cook some meals and say whether or not you should go buy it. I totally agree with a lot of what Joe has to say in his book. Society has misconstrued our visions of healthy foods. Because of the media and faulty studies from the 1950s, a lot Lean in 15 Joe's Chicken Pie - Recipe Review - people reach out for fat-free yogurts, fortified breads and milk with extra vitamins. Why? Advertising and manufacturers lead you to believe that by eating these things you are improving your health and living a better lifestyle. Sure, in a sense you are because you’re thinking about what you’re eating and trying to make informed decisions. My argument to this is simple, why do you need manufactured foods to be healthy? Eat
natural for the healthiest option.

Lets take my mother-in-law as an example. The poor soul suffers from osteoporosis. Because of this, she started taking a multivitamin and all sorts of foods fortified with vitamin D thinking it would help. She now has toxic levels of vitamin D in her system causing her extraordinary pain in her abdomen and is exasperating a prior condition she has. Now was she wrong in doing what she did? Of course not, she was doing what she thought was best based on what society and the media have told her. The brilliant thing about Lean In 15, it isn’t afraid of fats. So many people think fat is the enemy, but our bodies need it. It’s about eating the right foods to get the fat, such as avocados and not chocolate. I mean we all need a little bit of chocolate though don’t we?

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Lean In 15: Gnocchi and Sausage Ragu

Gnocchi & Sausage Ragu - Lean In 15 -

Gnocchi & Sausage Ragu Ingredients - Lean In 15 -, delicious stodgy gnocchi. I haven’t eaten gnocchi in well over a year and truly missed it. When I saw this
recipe in the Lean In 15 book I had to leap at it! How could I not?!

This recipe had very few recipes, followed the 15 minute motto and is freezeable! This worked out great as when the mister walked in the door he declared he wanted a takeaway to start off our holiday. Hello, flab abs. Thankfully because its a freezable recipe, I can slap it in the freezer for when we get back and need to hop back on track. Now, back to the recipe. I’ve never made ragu before. Sure, I make my own sauce for pasta using chopped tomatos but it never contains meat. This also intrigued me and pulled me towards the recipe.


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Lean In 15: Sag Aloo with Chicken

Lean In 15 Sag Aloo - Quick & Easy Curry Dish -

The second recipe I decided to try from Joe Wicks Lean In 15 Book is his Sag Aloo with Chicken. I love curry. ISag Aloo Recipe - Quick & Easy Curry Dish - haven’t met a curry that I didn’t like. Believe it or not, I never had curry before I moved to England. Now there’s been

a 6 year love affair. I typically just make curry from a pre-made curry sauce and mix with veg and some meat or quorn. So I thought I would give this curry ago as it combines two of my favourite ingredients. Potato and chicken.

When I planned the meals this week I intentionally put the sag aloo for today. Wednesday’s tend to be a long day for me and I knew this would give me something to look forward to. This recipe does stick to the 15 minute motto. Albeit with prep it took a bit longer, but okay cooking wise 15 minutes. The ingredients are simple and this is a very cheap meal to make.

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Lean In 15: Chocolate & Almond Protein Cake

Chocolate & Almond Protein Cake - Lean In 15 Recipe Review -

I decided over the weekend that I would be trying a few recipes from Joe Wicks’ book Lean In 15. I was in the baking mood so I thought I would give the chocolate & almond protein cake a whirl. I won’t be using this recipe in my review of the book as it was a spontaneous off-the-cuff decision to make this. We’ll treat this as a stand alone review.

Seeing as it was Mother’s Day, I wanted chocolate. I mean I always want chocolate, but being the day it was I really wanted chocolate. I thought this might be a nice treat and help with the guilt I’d feel if I was eating a slice of chocolate fudge cake. I had a few of the ingredients in my cupboard already, but I did need a quick nip to the shop to buy a few extras of things I didn’t have (almond butter, dates, ground almonds). In hindsight I should have bought more eggs because this calls for 4 of them. It also doesn’t follow the motto of 15 minutes, but being a cake I can’t fault that. What cake can you make in 15 minutes? A raw one.

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