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Recipe Request: Homemade Strawberry & Banana Ice Cream

Strawberry & Banana Ice Cream -

I would like to thank one of my followers, @maplepancake14 , for my first recipe request! I have posted homemade banana ice cream on Instagram a few times as part of my food diary. I originally got the idea from a lovely girl I follow called @madsgetsfit . She posts nearly daily her banana “nice” cream which she has stated uses frozen banana and milk which is blended until an ice cream like consistency is achieved. She always makes it look so nice with loads of toppings! I haven’t quite ventured this far as I typically have my ice cream late at night and just want to eat it and go to bed.

I gave the banana ice cream a go and it is amazing! Definitely feels like a naughty treat even though its practically just fruit. I couldn’t help but think that something was missing. Okay yes I know, toppings, but something other than that. After having a good think, I adapted the basic banana ice cream recipe to come up with something a little creamier and incorporate frozen fruit pieces. Where my recipe differs is the use of Greek yogurt. This makes the ice cream creamy and adds a slight tang. I also added strawberries to the mix to create one of my favourite flavour combinations. You can’t go wrong with a bit of strawberry and banana! My recipe makes a LOT of ice cream and each serving comes in at under 100 calories. Yep, ice cream for under 100 calories. Mind you, this is a high carb dessert at 21.2g. Hold on don’t go running for the hills, these are good carbs!

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