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Early Bird Snack Box

Early Bird Snack Box -

Instagram Ads, usually full of high end and high priced products. Thankfully, good ole Insta delivered a gem last Snack Box - Early Bird Healthy Snacks - I saw a post for Early Bird which was showcasing a display of healthy snacks. I was instantly intrigued, so I had a click. My phone was flooded with pictures of yummy snacks and tea blends. Trying to lead a healthy life style has its struggles. I’m fine with eating healthy meals, but I do struggle with snacks. This looked like the perfect solution! It reminds me a lot of Graze, however when I tried them a few years back I wasn’t impressed with the taste or selection. I was a little dubious and I didn’t want to throw money away on products I wouldn’t be too keen on, so I had a look at what they offered.

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