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Skinny Beef Pie

Skinny Beef Pie -

One of my favourite pies is steak and ale. Unfortunately, its really not healthy eating friendly. A pub version of steak and ale pie with mash and peas can have you eating around 1,000 calories. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not waste my calories on a pie! I was having a flick through my recipe books and got an idea for my own beef pie from the Hairy Bikers. They use pizza base mix instead of pastry – genius! I wasn’t too keen on their ingredients, so I switched it up for my own version of a skinny beef pie. I know, shocker isn’t it?

I already had some Quorn mince in the freezer, so I tossed out the beef from this beef pie. By all means, use extra lean beef mince or even turkey mince if you like.  I also didn’t want to use any sort of potato as the pizza base was going to make this quite a carby meal. So I swapped the ale for a flavourful thick beef stock and potatoes for cannellini beans. Each pie only clocks in at 318 calories and a massive 15g of protein. This can make up for the fact that this is a bit high in carbs. Every now and then you can allow an indulgent carby meal! Before attempting to make this dish I should let you know this is based off of 6 individual pies and you will need individual pie dishes. This is a time consuming dish due to making up the pizza base dough, so this may be best kept as a weekend meal or on a day where you have a free afternoon. Likewise, the pie filling can be made up in advance and put in the fridge.

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Indulgent Fruit Pizza

Indulgent Fruit Pizza -

You can have pizza that isn’t dinner? Oh yes you can! The first time I tried fruit pizza was when I was a kid and it was a very sweet, high calorie and decadent dessert. The base was made from pre-made sugar cookie dough, topped with full fat cream cheese, covered in fruits and sprinkled with sugar. Absolutely delicious but oh my days not good for the waist line. I decided to adapt this treat and make it my own after trying to think up a dish for a pot luck dinner party we were hosting. I was making a main but it was more so to use up ingredients in the fridge. I wanted something that I know my friends hadn’t had before and would blow their socks off. It did. At one point I thought two of my friends were going to batter each other over who was having it to themselves!

My indulgent fruit pizza has a chocolate oat base and a Greek yogurt and sweet cheese frosting. Each slice is under 350 calories and feels so much naughtier than it is. You can even make your inner child happy by eating this for breakfast. This recipe is easily adaptable to suit your preferences as well. You can use any of your favourite fresh or tinned fruits, however if using tinned fruit ensure that they are drained and dried. I love deep dish pizza, so I made my base deep dish. If you prefer thin and crispy, simply cut down the base ingredients or make a bigger sized base – hey bigger slices! I kept the frosting slightly runny so it could double as a sauce for those who wanted extra, however cut back on the yogurt if you want it nice and thick.

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Creamy Kale & Veggie Enchiladas

Creamy Kale & Veggie Enchilads - Quick and Healthy Dinners -

After our holiday, we wanted easy healthy meals to eat this week. Ian came up with the idea of enchiladas which I was perfectly fine with. We both love Mexican food, so yes enchiladas! I skimmed through a few recipes trying to find a simple one that was still healthy. After some thinking and tweaking, I came up with the kale and veggie version.

Kale Enchiladas Ingredients - Quick and Healthy Dinners -

Totally forgot the cheese in this photo! My bad. How colourful is all this!?

Yes I know, kale and enchiladas sounds weird. Just go with it, I promise it tastes great. Traditional enchiladas are saturated in cheese and sauce. Definitely not waist-line friendly but man do they taste great. Sometimes I will give in to a cheeky home cooked meal that bends my rules, but not this week. I know from adapting my chili recipe that chickpeas make a great substitute for meat. Turkey mince is my usual go-to healthier ingredient swap, but something about a veggie meal feels so guiltless and healthy.

This adaptation is not only under 350 calories but its extremely filling without any extras needed. By all means, feel free to accompany with a small salad or some Mexican style rice. To be honest though, we were full after 2 enchiladas. Only downside is this meal isn’t low carb, but it is high in protein so it evens out.

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