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Mini Haul

Mini haul for from today.. totally safe a week before payday right? This is why I shouldn’t be allowed to walk around on my own New sandals for me and an outfit for Naomi from Pep & Co ! £15 for the three items. Winning! Will definitely be back. 

I finally got around to adulting and got a make up organiser from Muji . Bargain for about £9 and they’re stackable with their other organisers! More reason to buy make up am I right? 

Size 10 button up (NSV right there!!) blouse for me and a tshirt for Ian. Also got some handbag sized lint rollers because having a white cat is hell. The black cap is for Ian’s bday next month. All that from H&M for £20. 

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Featured Update

Size Doesn’t Matter
Size 10 New Look -

Size 10 dress from New Look

The term “size doesn’t matter” is thrown around a lot in weight loss and regarding body confidence. In some aspects, size does matter. It does matter if you are very large to the point it is having a negative affect on your health. Likewise, it does matter if you are very thin to the point it is having a negative affect on your health. All in all, it doesn’t matter the size you are as long as you’re healthy and happy. You could line up 5 individuals that weight the exact same weight and each person will look different and be a different size.

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Instagram Update

Flash Back Friday

Excuse the bed head, it’s nap time here and I’ve been snuggled up with Naomi and both kitties in bed. #fatfacefriday #flashbackfriday #facetofacefriday whatever it is you call it!

Photo on the left was 6 years ago, size 16 and probably around 13 stone. Photo on the right is today size 8 and 18st 11lbs. Seriously, I lived off of fast food and full fat soda my whole life. I ate whatever I wanted and had no self control. If I can do this you can do this!! It’s been so hard and even though I’ve been in maintenance for almost 5 months, I still struggle daily with cravings and old habits.

Just because someone reaches their target weight doesn’t mean they don’t struggle. Healthy living journeys are never done, they just change and adapt. It is just that though, healthy living. You can lose all the weight you want but unless you change your lifestyle and habits, you won’t keep it off! It takes a lot of hard work, will power and determination but it’s worth every minute.

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Love Tiffany


Vlog It: Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs

Check out my latest blog which tackles good carbs and bad carbs!

We all need carbs in our diets and they are really important to have. It’s a misconception that carbs are bad for us when they are actually vital! The important thing to remember is to chose good complex carbs which take your body longer to digest and process.

I apologise for the quality of the video and the state of my hair and face. My laptop decided to not work today and I’ve been running around all day and haven’t had time to do my hair or makeup!

Love Tiffany

Personal Update

Rein It In, Girl

Life is about balance. Yes, yes it is. I’ve said it so many times before, but weightloss management is about balance too. You need to be able to live and enjoy life without rigid structure constantly. Most importantly, you need to know when to rein it in and be strict again. I haven’t been good with my food since I got ill. I haven’t been awful, but could have been a lot better. There were lots of treats when we were on holiday and of course today as it is Easter. My daily food was a mixture of healthy options and cheeky bits I really shouldn’t have been eating. With that said though, I’m not upset or feel guilty.

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Instagram Update

Box of Happiness

This brightened my mood today! Received my Box of Protein parcel today with some lucky St Patrick’s Day surprises – an extra protein bar and some chocolate coins!

I am so happy to see stickers on the products without branding on the package! The first box I received appeared to be from multipacks and so didn’t have any branding on the package to say what they were. I mentioned this in an email to the founder who has now inplemebted the stickers. Definitely makes the box 10x better because I can get more excited about what I’ve received! Downside? I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to get the lime gel.

Also, sorry Ian but you’re not getting my goodies. I purely used our marital status to use your PayPal. Okay fine, you can have my black currant Ener:Gel. You are NOT getting my pumpkin pie Quest bar. I love you but no.

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Love Tiffany

Personal Update Vlog

Good Morning Kittens!

**this was actually a Protein Works brownie!**

Just a quick vlog this morning to say hello and thank you for visiting my blog over the first week! The reception and enthusiasm has been amazing. I’ve had so much fun with it, I cannot wait to share more with you all!

I will be doing a weekly Friday vlog – tell me what you want to see in my vlogs! Leave a comment with your suggestions below. I love hearing from you!

Love Tiffany

Personal Update

Weights and Whiskers

welcome girl smiles

Welcome to my new shiny blog! Thank you for coming and having a look. Why Weights and Whiskers you ask? It’s all in how you interpret it! I enjoy training with free weights at the gym, I am obsessed with cats, I still weigh out some of my foods and I have whiskers thanks to PCOS! I suppose the name I chose is a catch all for me, it covers me in many angles, the good and the bad.

I set this blog up to help inspire people with their weight loss or healthy living journeys. I’m sure some of you reading this are from my extended Instagram family (Hello!!). So far, my weight loss journey has only been on Instagram. I found so much support and encouragement on there from other people with the same goals and ambitions as me. Quite a few people have said I’m even inspirational to them – a concept I still find a bit baffling.

It got me thinking, if I branch out I could help and inspire more people. I’m not grasping for praise or self-gloating here. I love helping people, I really do. It makes me incredibly happy to see people thriving and genuinely enjoying life. If I can help just one person achieve that, then I will be happier than someone finishing their VLCD eating a potato (I would know, that first potato was near orgasmic).

On this site you will find extensions of some of my Instagram posts, low calorie recipes, vlogs (I’m looking at you @graciemariesjourney and @shecanrawr !) and general blurbs of my life relating to my maintenance and fitness. Please feel free to get in touch via the contact form, leave me comments or find me on Instagram! I love hearing from you all, I’ve made this for you! I hope you enjoy it, I know I am.

Love Tiffany