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Cry Baby Pontins - Brean Sands 2016 -

I apologise for the lack of posts over the weekend. We just got back from our holiday at Pontins Brean Sands Holiday Park. Cheap, cheesy and relaxing. I haven’t been to the British seaside before, so I was really excited to get away. We Family Portrait - Brean Sands 2016 - our break for half board so we wouldn’t have to worry about food too much. My mother-in-law decided that she would pack snacks to keep us going between breakfast and dinner.

The food I’ve eaten was extraordinary. Not extraordinary as in, “this is the most amazing food I’ve ever eaten,” but more of, “You just ate WHAT and AGAIN?!” Definitely out of character for me, but I was on holiday enjoying quality time with my family. My husband works long hours and goes a few days without seeing Naomi during the week. Not by choice, of course, but because she is asleep by the time he gets in from work. Along with most families, we are busy on the weekends as well which doesn’t leave much quality time together. I don’t want you to get the impression that we hardly see each other and there is no bond. Naomi is head over heels for her dad and is a complete daddy’s girl. The
squeal she lets out when he walks in the door is incredible. The bond between my husband and I is stronger than it ever has been, even if we do see slightly less of each other than we used to now that we have Naomi.

With all that sappy junk said, I wanted to enjoy every second of our 4 day break together. For me, this also meant letting go of my food inhibitions and not focusing so much on what I was eating. I don’t regret any food or drink decision I made over the weekend, but it doesn’t mean my body didn’t take a beating! I’m sitting here feeling terribly queasy with a cold cup of Peanut Hottie as I couldn’t stomach it. Sorry body. I’m so happy to be getting back to somewhat normal Tiffany eating. I say somewhat as dinner will be late and most likely something
quick and easy. That and I’m off to London tomorrow for meetings so I will make the best food choices I can. In lightShoulder Rides - Brean Sands 2016 - of this, lets indulge in my horrible diet over the weekend.

Friday – I woke up with great intentions. I had the rest of my fruity honey tea loaf with some Greek yogurt and banana. So far so good. This was followed by an impulse buy for 3 for £1 chocolates at Poundland and a coffee run to Starbucks for a skinny sugar free hazelnut latte. I packed a protein bar in my bag to avoid the chocolates, which didn’t work. I ate a bag of M&Ms and shared half a white chocolate KitKat with Naomi in the car. When we got to Gloucester Services (which looks like an adult version of the Teletubbies, no joke) I had a chicken ceasar wrap, a few chips and a bag of Proper Corn. We arrived at Pontins just in time for dinner which was a small portion of beef madras with white rice and some kind of cherry based cake. I’m sure a few snacks were inhaled during the evening in the chalet but I genuinely cannot remember.

Saturday – I hadn’t had any water since Friday morning and this didn’t change with my then 2,392 cup of tea. This
was also followed by a small full english breakfast which was a side plate of 1 sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes and a slice of toast. Not too bad right? Then I had a bowl of corn flakes. A few hours later down on the seaside I was inhaling a Mr Whippy with 2 flakes and a teddy bear wafer. Granted, I did share this with Naomi but still. I did Mommy and Daughter - Brean Sands 2016 - to eat fish and chips, but I was feeling completely rotten with this cold I have so I only managed 2 chips and a bite of fish. Once I started to feel better, we were off guzzling a coffee and a few biscuits. This was then followed by a dinner of soup, lasagne, salad and a shared chocolate gateaux with Naomi. As if that wasn’t enough, I was scoffing my weight of cheese and crackers with a chaser of hot chocolate with marshmallows.
Sunday – Repeat of Saturday morning, hello full english and a bowl of cornflakes. STILL no water drank since Friday morning. After taking Naomi for a swim (yep, I wore that bright orange bikini in front of loads of people), I was feeling like death warmed up. Due to that, we stayed in most of the day. I tried to feel better with a turkey ham, crisp and cheese sandwich. That didn’t work, so I finished the crisps. That still didn’t work, so I ate a wagon wheel. You guessed it, still didn’t work, so I tried a nap. I couldn’t sleep for coughing and an extremely congested face. After a long walk and 3/4 of a coconut ice bar, we were off to dinner. They had a roast dinner out for the grazing. A bowl of soup was had along with cauliflower cheese, carrots, parsnips and a yorkshire pudding. I didn’t bother with meat as it looked rank. I finished my meal with what I was hoping would be a shared victoria sponge. Naomi decided she didn’t want any so I ate the whole slice to try to make up for a somewhat lousy dinner. As I wasn’t feeling satisfied from my dinner, a few hours later the mister and I went out for fish and chips. Kids cod and chips with gravy please!Sleepy Girl - Brean Sands 2016 - Girl - Brean Sands 2016 -

Monday – Full english and cornflakes round 3. I could go my whole life without seeing another full english breakfast. We started our way back home shortly after breakfast was finished. We decided to make a detour to Weston-super-Mare on the way back which resulted in a kids chicken nuggets and chips for my lunch. This was followed by the remaining 1/3 of my coconut ice bar and 4 giant marshmallows while we drove through Bristol on the M5. One more Beach Play - Brean Sands 2016 - at the Gloucester Services required coffee and a slice of carrot cake. By the time we got home I felt like I going to hurl, no doubt from all the fat and sugar I consumed over the weekend.

Even though I ate like a complete idiot, I’m not mad. I’m sure I’ve gained weight but I’m not bothered nor am I going to check and see by how much. The way that I view weight loss maintenance is that it isn’t about eating perfect all the time so that you never gain weight. It’s about knowing when to treat yourself and when to be strict. Weight gain is inevitable at certain times, but the important thing is to remember that whatever situation led to weight gain is only passing and to go back to healthy eating when it is done. For me, my situation started at 11am Friday morning and ended at 4pm Monday afternoon. I was a little worried I would struggle to get back on the healthy eating wagon but I’m actually looking forward to it. I’ve had my fill of crap food. To be honest, I think the thing that spurs me on to eat healthy after a weekend of being a glutton is the fact I was taking photos with Naomi. Not just taking photos, willingly taking photos and enjoying every one of them. Not once did I ask for a photo to be deleted or to take it again because I looked fat. This was why I started my weight loss journey and why I will continue on with it.

Love Tiffany

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