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Vlog It: Weight Loss Success and Struggles

Whether you’re out to lose 10 stone or 5lbs, everyone will struggle at one point or another on their weight loss journey. I am no exception to this rule. Some of us fall off the wagon completely or hide in the downstairs loo while scoffing a chocolate biscuit. What do I do? I spend an evening crying inside Sainsbury’s because of my calorie limit. You’re not alone in your struggle and some one out there is going through the same thing, so keep your chin up and carry on!

Watch my vlog to hear about some of my successes and struggles I’ve had and continue to have through my journey of losing nearly 5 stone to maintenance. Don’t think that because I’m done losing weight that I don’t still have a daily struggle with maintaining my weight loss. Even today I had a stare down with a slice of chocolate fudge cake which nearly ended up with it being thrown across the cafe.

Love Tiffany

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